One of the most beautiful sights to see in Turkey is the beaches. Turkey has the Black Sea on its north and the Aegean Sea to its west. Aside from its many public beaches in Turkey, the country is teeming with private coves, small beaches, and secret hideaways. No wonder it always manages to be included in the list of top beach vacations this side of the globe. Of course, should you make regular use of the beaches there is one golden rule: leave the beach in as good (or even better) condition as you found it: this may mean making sure that you don’t leave litter, beach toys, or even chewed up dog toys (if you let your best friend accompany you) behind.

Patara Beach

Patara is 18 kilometers long and considered by some as the most glorious beach in Turkey. It is certainly among the more popular ones as evidenced by the presence of many commercial establishments like bars and restaurants. For families, groups, or individuals looking to meet people, Patara is a good choice. Its location is convenient, and there are hotels and bed and breakfast choices to cover all budgets not far from the beach.


Akyaka is a small resort with an equally small beach that not many tourists go to but it is great for couples and families. The lifestyle is simple, rustic and very close to the stretch of beach that Mark Anthony and Cleopatra used to meet. There are properties for sale and accommodations that can be booked for a weekend stay like apartments, B&Bs, houses for rent, and small hotels.


Part of a chain of three bays, Ovabuku is a charming stretch of beach with friendly locals and quaint restaurants. It’s a perfect hideaway for anyone looking for some R&R. Definitely not a party location so expect to enjoy some quality peace and relaxation.

Butterfly Valley

Another away-from-the-tourist-route location, Butterfly Valley is enchanting as an untouched valley that dips down into a virgin beach. It’s unlikely that you will find crowds or large groups of tourists in this area because there is no electricity when you get to the beach. This means no commercial establishments or rows of bars and restaurants. In fact, to get to the beach, you will have to either hike down for 40 minutes or take a boat ride. For accommodations, there is a Mandarin Boutique Hotel and a B&B.

Olympos Beach

Olympus Beach along the Mediterranean Sea is a backpacker’s paradise. Not far from Olympos is another stretch of beach in Cirali Village. Cirali is an agricultural village with only 3 kilometers of beach but it’s a good alternative to Olympos if you would rather be away from the crowds. On the other hand, Olympus Beach has treehouses as one option for accommodations. They’re cheap, intriguing, and a must-do experience for visitors to Turkey.

Hisaronu Bay

If anyone recommends Olu Deniz to you, ask about Hisaronu Bay instead. Olu Deniz is a tourist neon-lit resort. It’s a little on the gaudy, touristy side which may or may not be your ideal beach location. Thus, the better option might to be to take a short ride to Selimiye where you find unspoiled beaches and great waves for windsurfing.

The beaches in Turkey come by the dozens and the choices are so varied you will have to pick one based on what you want experience and who you want to spend your days at the beach with.